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Wellbeing Programs

Our well-being approach at Brocklesby PS

Brocklesby Public School’s commitment to building strong relationships between staff, students and their families is aimed at fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding.  At the start of each year, classes develop understandings that help them to collaboratively build a safe and supportive classroom environment.  Social skills and values are regularly discussed and reflected upon throughout the year both within classes and as a whole school.

A one hour timetabled social-emotional learning class is timetabled across the school from Kindergarten-Year 6.  Our school draws on both the 'Be You' program to explicitly teach the 5 keys to success: Confidence, Getting Along, Persistence, Organisation and Resilience and the Bounce Back resource to foster the learning, resilience and well-being of our children.  The Bounce Back resource provides an evidence based approach to developing personal and social capabilities, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management.

Our approaches support students to develop socially, emotionally and academically; supporting them to reach their potential as learners and to make positive choices that allow them to achieve their aspirations and contribute to our broader community.

Well-being programs and support

The well-being of every one of our students and their families is of paramount importance to us here at Brocklesby PS.   In supporting our students we offer a range of programs, activities, mentoring and individual interventions both at school and through external services to ensure that we support students’ wellbeing and physical needs, as well as fostering a sense of community and belonging for all.

It is important that our children feel safe, happy and supported and to help us achieve this we provide the following

  • Fine-Motor and Construction Space – lunchtimes
  • KidsLink friendship program 
  • SRC Program
  • Kitchen Garden Program 
  • Chicken Coop program 
  • GRIP Leadership – School Leaders
  • Counselling and other support services